Helpdesk Technologies 

What is a Helpdesk?

Helpdesk are known usually as a service providing information and support to computer users, especially within a company.  


An easy way to get in touch with us is by emailing in, this automatically creates a ticket with information such as time, data & problem described. 


Any cases you have had with us, are kept in case you have similar issues, there may be information previously to help as well as bug’s or operating system information.


Whenever you need support, there are many ways to contact the helpdesk such as emailing in or calling the support number. 


Some companies will have a customer portal where customers can login & raise tickets or view past tickets. 

A diagram showing the process of a service desk

Ticketing software is commonly used today, especially in the support environment. 

It is an easy way to create a report for a single customer, giving them a unique reference number & storing information needed. Such as their problem area, date, time & who has worked on the case whether it is one person or multiple. 

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What are the benefits of using a Helpdesk solution?

A Helpdesk Ticketing System offers numerous benefits for organizations in managing and resolving customer issues, IT problems, and internal requests efficiently. Here are several advantages of using a Helpdesk Ticketing System:

Centralized Issue Management

Helpdesk ticketing systems centralize the management of all support requests, ensuring that all issues are tracked and addressed from a single platform. This eliminates the need for multiple communication channels and provides a consolidated view of ongoing tasks.

Efficient Issue Tracking

Each customer or internal request is assigned a unique ticket, allowing for systematic tracking. This helps support teams monitor the status of each issue, update progress, and provide timely resolutions. Users can also track the status of their requests, promoting transparency.

Improved Communication

Helpdesk systems facilitate efficient communication between support agents and users. Users can submit requests, add comments, and receive updates through the system. This reduces the likelihood of information being lost in email threads and enhances communication transparency.

Automation of Routine Tasks

Routine and repetitive tasks, such as assigning tickets, categorizing issues, or sending acknowledgment emails, can be automated within the ticketing system. Automation streamlines workflows, reduces manual effort, and ensures consistent processes.

Prioritization and Escalation

Helpdesk ticketing systems allow for the prioritization of issues based on urgency and impact. Critical issues can be escalated for immediate attention, ensuring that resources are allocated appropriately and the most important problems are addressed promptly.

Performance Analytics and Reporting

Ticketing systems provide insights into performance metrics, allowing organizations to analyze response times, resolution rates, and other key performance indicators. This data helps in identifying areas for improvement, optimizing workflows, and enhancing overall service quality.

A diagram showing the different areas of enterprise service desk management

A helpdesk diagram explaining the different sectors of Enterprise Service Desk Management. 

Enterprise Service Desk Management encompasses various sectors or areas that collectively contribute to providing efficient and effective IT support and services within an organization. These sectors cover a range of responsibilities, processes, and functions to ensure that the IT infrastructure meets the needs of the users. Here are the key sectors within Enterprise Service Desk Management: