High Availability

High availability is crucial for ensuring that essential services and applications remain accessible to users at all times, without interruptions or downtime. It enhances user experience, customer satisfaction, and productivity by minimizing the impact of hardware failures, software issues, or other unforeseen disruptions.


Helpdesk solutions encompass a range of features, including ticketing systems, knowledge bases, automated workflows, and communication tools, all aimed at efficiently managing and resolving customer issues. Helpdesk solutions enable businesses to provide timely and effective support to their customers, improving overall satisfaction and loyalty.


Computerized Maintenance Management System . It is a software solution that helps organizations manage and streamline their maintenance operations. This helps companies keep track, organize & manage their maintenance duties & so much more.

About Us

Formed in 2001, we initially offered training in the high availability sector, as things naturally progressed we increased our offering by providing the high availability solutions. Over the years our offering has increased to the point where we now also offer monitoring, helpdesk and CMMS solutions to a global audience.

What we do at Open Minds 

We would define ourselves as a value added distributor, where we take solutions and identify how we can take them to market successfully all while ensuring that potential clients are happy and comfortable with the solutions being proposed.  

Over the years we have gained many customers from around the world, where we have delivered our knowledge and experience to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. 

We are immensely proud of our core focus on putting the customer first and going the extra mile to ensure the customer has the right solution. From working with clients in all aspects of the project to customer hand over we are happy to assist in any way that we can. 

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Open Minds Customers 

A few of our customers we support here at Open Minds