Cloud/Virtual offerings

Cloud/Virtual offerings

DataKeeper Cluster Edition software is designed to eliminate the needs of shared storage (SAN). It is essential for businesses to prevent server failure to keep systems up and running. The solution enables Window Server failover clustering to protect important applications which can be crucial for organisations. The solution can easily protect applications such as SQL Server, SAP, Oracle, etc. The best part, the software works with various mainstream cloud-based platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Along with the mainstreams, the DataKeeper Cluster Edition can also work in private cloud setups. It is an ideal solution for organisations who want to reduce downtime and increase protection of essential applications by moving them to a high availability environment.

DataKeeper Cluster across cloud and availability zones

DataKeeper cluster enables failover of instances and thus reduces downtime. It provides sitewide, local and regional disaster protection without any downtime. DataKeeper cluster can enable failover across cloud availability zones or regions.

The Protection Suite for Linux to protect Linux Applications in clouds and hybrid clouds

As the name suggests, Protection Suite is designed for Linux based applications. It makes it easier for business to run their critical applications without any glitch on a cloud or hybrid cloud. This is possible because of the software’s ability to help your applications run in a flexible, scalable cloud environment like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. It also takes care to not sacrifice performance and high availability or even disaster protection in the process. With the help of this application, you can make your applications compatible and be protected in a cloud and hybrid cloud environment.

The Protection Suite for Windows protecting Applications in clouds and hybrid clouds

Protection Suite for windows is designed for windows based applications. Similar to the Linux product it makes it easier for businesses to run their critical applications without any glitch on a cloud or hybrid cloud. With the help of this solution, you can make your applications compatible and be protected in a cloud and hybrid cloud environment.

Protection of Application Databases in Cloud by SIOS Protection Suite

SIOS Protection Suite protects your SAP applications and data with the help of SAP certified protection. It also enables high availability, data replication and even disaster recovery. The solution not only makes it easy but also cost-efficient saving your business applications and data from any major damage. The SIOS protection Suite is capable to operate in any cloud or hybrid cloud configuration making it one of the best database protection on cloud software for businesses.   

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From planning to scheduling to fast migration execution. Open Minds solutions help you complete migration projects quickly and efficiently with automatic, high speed physical-to-virtual (P2V), Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V) – even to the cloud.


An enterprise class solution providing automatic and efficient protection for hardware, network, applications and services. Integrated data replication and intelligent failover for cloud, physical, and virtualised environments.


Our high-performance disaster recover solution offers a warm standby recovery for flexible configurations across cloud, hybrid cloud, physical, and virtualised environments, within a Windows and Linux setup for any application.