Windows Solution

Windows Server Recovered in around a minute!

Replicate changes of data to a backup server in real-time, and monitor all your applications continuously. The backup server can be on a LAN (for local recovery) or a WAN for disaster recovery. When a server or application dies, the backup server is automatically brought online, and users automatically connected to it. When the main server is returned to service, changes in data are automatically resynchronised and recovery is seamless and stress-free.


  • Protects you from server failure and application failure
  • Easy to administer and set up
  • Recovery in around a minute
  • Various levels of recovery and replication solutions from under
  • Return to normal is quick and easy when failed server comes back online
  • Easy to scale the solution from just one application to a myriad of applications running on many servers
  • Recover from lost data or virus attack easily by rewinding data to a point in time
  • Trained solution architects available to help plan the infrastructure solution