Build Your Sanless Clusters in the Cloud or a Datacentre! Are you looking for a cost-efficient way to protect your business critical applications from downtime and disasters? Are you looking to use a cloud, hybrid cloud, or physical configuration?  Struggling with areas where shared storage is not possible? Well that’s exactly where the SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition (DKCE) solution[…]


Windows Solution

Windows Server Recovered in around a minute! Replicate changes of data to a backup server in real-time, and monitor all your applications continuously. The backup server can be on a LAN (for local recovery) or a WAN for disaster recovery. When a server or application dies, the backup server is automatically brought online, and users[…]



Our solution for virtual server protection supports both Linux and Windows virtual machines in same way as with physical machines, providing high availability to individual applications, databases and critical services inside the virtual machine. Supports physical-to-virtual, virtual-to-virtual and virtual-to-physical types of failover configurations. Protects applications and data within either the host OS or Linux and[…]


Linux Solutions

Replicate changes of data to a backup server in real-time, and monitor all your applications continuously. The backup server can be on a LAN (for local recovery) or a WAN (for disaster recovery). When a server or application dies, or is required for system maintenance, the backup server is brought online, and users automatically connected[…]


Bespoke Applications Recovery

Bespoke applications are often the most critical parts of your infrastructure, and typically there is no way to buy standard pre-written recovery for these applications. Open Minds can  recover your bespoke applications without any special API’s or scripting. Our Bespoke recovery solution does not even need you any access to the code. You just need[…]


DataKeeper Monitoring

The Open Minds DataKeeper Monitoring Kit is a software appliance which can be setup on a standalone physical or virtual server within your existing infrastructure and configured to monitor your DataKeeper clusters for peace of mind. The appliance has a web-fronted management interface to enable a single top level view of the health of your[…]


Microsoft SQL Server Solutions

Real-time Protection of MS SQL applications and data over a LAN or WAN Protecting Microsoft SQL Server is about maintaining user connections to the database. It is not just about maintaining hardware availability. Resilience at the application level can only be achieved by monitoring all elements of the application stack, including the MS SQL Servers[…]

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What is the difference between the different types of replication, and what are the advantages of them? Which ones should I use?

Firstly there are basically 2 types of replication technology. 1. File based replication and 2. Disk based replication File based replication takes a view of a file system and is at a higher level than disk based replication which is implemented at device level, often as a device driver. As for advantages, and disadvantages, disk based replication is more responsive as individual blocks[…]