Build Your Sanless Clusters in the Cloud or a Datacentre!

Are you looking for a cost-efficient way to protect your business critical applications from downtime and disasters? Are you looking to use a cloud, hybrid cloud, or physical configuration?  Struggling with areas where shared storage is not possible? Well that’s exactly where the SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition (DKCE) solution will let you take full advantage of the flexibility and cost savings possible in these environments without sacrificing performance, availability or disaster protection.

High Availability in the Cloud

SIOS DKCE software allows you to create multi-node clusters in a cloud environment using local storage. The storage is synchronised in real time using block level replication between nodes, also allowing failover of application instances across availability zones or regions to provide site-wide, local, and regional disaster protection without downtime or data loss.

Fast, flexible implementation.

Whether you want to protect applications in a private cloud within your organisation or in a public cloud, SIOS DKCE software gives you the flexibility to build a fully automated, application-centric cluster and replication solution with your choice of hardware, replication schema, and deployment (active/active, active/passive), and whats best is you can save money doing this too!