Open Minds HAS Solution

What is it?

The Open Minds HAS solution is used to provide availability for Building Management solutions. It is specifically designed to work with Schneider Electric’s BMS systems, but can be tailored to work with any bespoke solution. We have worked with ISV’s across many industries to provide High Availability for niche software packages. Many have been SQL or Oracle based, our unique Bespoke Recovery Solution will replicate any data and failover any application.

The solution provides instant recovery for the Schneider’s SturuxureWare, Continuum, Vista and Sigma servers. It is installed on two or more similar servers, each being a backup to the others.  The servers can also be on-site (physical or virtual) or in the cloud.

How does it work?

Open Minds HAS Solution will replicate the data associated with the application (StruxureWare, Continumm etc) and monitor the operation of the server though it’s heartbeat service. This will create an alert (if one of the beats is missed) telling the software when a failover situation is reached.

The solution can monitor and protect StruxureWare Enterprise and License Servers. Optionally it can also protect the Report Server.  Failover can be configured to be automatic or activated manually, making the solution suitable for both same site and off site installation.

The same applies to the Continuum Server database and it’s Graphics Server.

History of the solution

With over 100 installation worldwide, the Open Minds HAS solution is a tried and tested solution approved by Schneider engineers.


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