Linux High Availability/ Disaster Recovery

Recovering Linux Servers in around a minute

Replicate changes of data to a backup server in real-time, and monitor all your applications continuously. The backup server can be on a LAN (for local recovery) or a WAN (for disaster recovery).

When a server or application dies, or is required for system maintenance, the backup server is brought on-line, and users automatically connected to it. When the main server is returned to service, changes in data are automatically resynchronised and recovery is seamless and stress-free.



  • Replicate and monitor your Linux Servers
  • Failover automatically in case of data, server or application downtime
  • Email and/or text is sent to the administrator when an event happens
  • Automatic resynchronisation when a server is brought back into service
  • Return to service is seamless and easy
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Recover all of your standard and non-standard applications with our generic recovery kit