High Availability & Disaster Recovery

 what is it?

High availability refers to a system that provides a consistent service to end users, usually two servers on-site each being a backup to the other. Disaster recovery is the next step to HA, where servers are offsite to mitigate site disasters.

Open Minds HA/DR solution is a software based solution that allows you to create clusters for bespoke and legacy applications as-well-as allowing you to create SANLess cluster in cloud, virtual and physical environments.

 why open minds?

We have been working with HA/DR solutions for over 17 years and have deep knowledge about what is achievable and how to do things.

Our consultants help clients implement HA and DR solutions day in and day out so they know the best way to achieve the results that you want.

 How does it work?

The Open Minds HA/DR solution replicates data and provides failover for any application. The solution work though a heart beat service, should there be any intruption during the ‘pings’ between servers, the solution will inform the software a failover situation is reached.

This solution can be used with windows failover clusters allowing for a clustering solution with no need for a SAN. This is especially useful in cloud platforms, where a SAN is not possible.

is the solution right for me?

Use OM HA & DR solution on Windows where MS Clustering is available and where there is no shared storage on virtual or cloud platforms.

On Linux, OM HA & DR solution is available for Redhat, Centos, Suse and Oracle.

Who else uses it?

SIOS DataKeeper for SAP ERP System to Cloud

Leading Manufacturer Uses SIOS DataKeeper to Overcome Barriers to Moving Business-Critical SAP ERP System to Cloud

Business Critical Applications and data HA/DR

SANless Cluster Delivers Continuous Availability and Disaster Protection for Business Critical Applications and Data.

SQL Server and SAGE recovery solution

SIOS Protection Suite (SPS) used by Kocher & Beck to protect and recover SQL & Sage.

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