Go SANLess!

 SANless Server Appliance The Power of Fusion-io, the Protection of SIOS

SIOS and Fusion-io have launched a high performance Microsoft SQL Server Cluster Appliance. It is available on HP, Dell and SuperMicro platforms and is shipped with both Fusion-io high performance ioMemory and SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition, the high-speed replication technology. Organizations can now unleash the power and performance of Fusion ioMemory with 100% Data Availability at a fraction of the cost of a SAN.

Key Benefits

  • Dramatically improve query response times and transactions per second by eliminating I/O bottlenecks
  • Ensure maximum up-time through robust clustering and high speed data replication
  • Works with ANY SQL-based application: Lync, Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint and more
  • Lower administrative overhead by protecting the entire SQL instance, not just certain databases
  • Lower TCO by providing server, storage, network and software all pre-configured for optimal performance and ease of configuration

Superior Performance

The SQL Cluster Appliance provides complete availability and data protection with maximum performance. Benchmark tests ran a script in a continual loop that performed database inserts as rapidly as possible to maximize load against the database transaction log. The real-time, optimized, block level data replication provided by DKCE ensures maximum data protection while imposing minimal overhead on the system. For example:

SANLess SQL Server Appliance Specifications

About Fusion-io

Fusion-io delivers the world’s data faster. Fusion-io ioMemory accelerates databases, virtualisation, cloud computing, big data, and the applications that drive our economy and our daily lives.

Fusion ioMemory eliminates database latency with a persistent, high-performance, high-capacity memory tier. In just minutes,ioDrives can be installed and configured for use with Microsoft SQL Server, greatly speeding up database performance. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to fit your whole database in DRAM, ioMemory can deliver terabytes of persistent, high-performance memory per server.