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Our business intelligence and analytics solutions are designed to make businesses efficient, productive and more economical. By monitoring your whole solution stack from end-to-end and top-to-bottom, you can ensure that service availability for your users is maintained.

It provides detailed monitoring of all IT service components: Hypervisor, OS, Applications, storage, network devices and virtual platforms. It monitors over 180 applications including Citrix, SAP, Oracle, SQL Server and many others.

Root cause diagnosis correlates performance alerts from different tiers and automatically pin-points where the root-cause of a problem lies. This way you can resolve performance issues with accuracy in minutes rather than days.



Reporting tools collects performance metrics from over 180 applications and provides performance monitoring insights into end-user experience, business transactions, applications and the supporting infrastructure (physical, virtual and cloud).

is the solution right for me?

If you have multiple applications and server instances and need a way to understand whether they are behaving at their optimum, then this solution will provide you with visibility. Allowing you to troubleshoot problems with your infrastructure as they arise.

why use open minds for BI & analytics?

We will help you identify answers to performance issues, wherever they originate, from application code to bare metal.
We also help you understand the impact of infrastructure issues on application performance and user experience.

Who else uses it?

Unified Monitoring

Addressing the multi-supplier IT performance challenge with unified monitoring and moving multi-provider management from reactive to proactive

SAP Performance Assurance

Helping Samsung run worldwide SAP system smoothly and efficiently to improve user experience.

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