Bespoke Applications Recovery

Bespoke applications are often the most critical parts of your infrastructure, and typically there is no way to buy standard pre-written recovery for these applications. Open Minds can  recover your bespoke applications without any special API’s or scripting. Our Bespoke recovery solution does not even need you any access to the code. You just need to give the name of the services that you are protecting and the recovery script is generated.

Feature Highlights:

  • No need for special or enterprise editions of software
  • Can recover any service
  • Easy to install and set up
  • No requirement for any programming or scripting
  • Flexible configuration means no requirements for equivalent hardware, shared storage or redundant hardware
  • Pre-written recovery for many in-house applications
  • Applications do not need to be cluster-aware
  • Easily protect in-house applications without modifications
  • Custom Solution with little effort
  • Can create and deliver in hours/days what would otherwise take months to create using custom code
  • Scripting to APIs, rather than coding, masks complexities of having to develop failover routines
  • Availability of pre-built templates further simplifies process