DataKeeper Monitoring

The Open Minds DataKeeper Monitoring Kit is a software appliance which can be setup on a standalone physical or virtual server within your existing infrastructure and configured to monitor your DataKeeper clusters for peace of mind. The appliance has a web-fronted management interface to enable a single top level view of the health of your DataKeeper clusters, if any problems are present you will be able to clearly see what the current state of the cluster is.

The DataKeeper Monitoring Kit is capable of:

  • ·        Detecting failed or paused mirrors, whether intentional or due to a system or network failure.
  • ·        Ensuring that all of the mirrors in a cluster are all synchronising correctly with each other.
  • ·        Alerting you if an asynchronous mirror is falling behind the source node’s level of write activity.
  • ·        Detecting  split brains occur (in clusters which are operating without quorums)

Fig. 1 Open Minds DataKeeper Monitoring Kit GUI, showing all the volumes that are mirroring

DKM1All of the monitoring occurs in the background via a frequently running polling system – when an alert condition is detected, the status will be immediately visible on the web-based management page, and a series of notifications can be sent out, ranging from e-mail, SMS alerts and fully customizable alerting mechanisms to tie in with your existing infrastructure. The monitoring appliance can also be extended to monitor more than just DataKeeper clusters, and is fully capable of monitoring other servers, storage, services, resource usage, switches, printers and more.

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