High Availability Clustering Cloud/Virtual/Physical Environments

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Open Minds provide high availability and disaster recovery solutions. Established by a small group of consultants in 1990, the business has always served the corporate clients across a range of industries. Initially by providing technical training and consultancy in Unix, C and C++. Today the company has evolved to being a provider of specialist application recovery products and services. We are specialists in high availability and disaster recovery. All our consultants have specialist knowledge in different aspects and applications. From this unique vantage point, we are able to provide advice based on our experience and knowledge of the environment and the recovery that you are trying to achieve. We believe in partnering with our customers from first specification to full implementation. Our involvement does not stop after a system is put in, as we pride ourselves in our after sales support. Our partnership with you starts when we help you put your systems in. We are a specialist team of consultants, and are partners of Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, VMWare and HP. Most of the people who work at Open Minds have a technical background.

  • Commited

    100% Commitment to customers.

  • SIOS Sanless Clustering

    80% of our business is Sanless clustering with SIOS.

  • Support renewals

    95% customers renew support every year.

  • support cases

    100% of cases are dealt within the SLA.

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